Parts protection comes to life in a new Delo® “AR” video

Parts protection Parts protection

Sometimes we take for granted the severe and demanding conditions under which truck engines and their components have to perform. High internal operating temperatures, constant repetitive motion at extremely high speeds, metal-on-metal friction, combustion byproducts, not to mention environmental elements like dust, dirt and water – all these factors threaten to impede engine performance, cause wear and corrosion, or contribute to outright failure. Reliable lubricants are the key to mitigating the effects of these internal and external elements, minimizing the risk of engine failure and optimizing performance over hundreds of thousands of miles.


Often in our field testing with customers using Delo® lubricants, we will tear down a truck’s engine at a certain milestone and inspect the parts one by one to validate whether the lubricants are protecting them as expected. Recently we added a twist to this concept, bringing parts from several different tear-downs to life through the magic of “augmented reality.” It’s like getting a glimpse inside the engine and watching parts in motion to gain a better appreciation of what they do, why reliable lubrication matters, and the results achieved using Delo lubricants.


Specifically, we looked at: a transmission after 339,000 miles using Delo SynTrans SAE 75W-90; a pair of pistons running over 550,000 using Delo 400 XLE SAE 10W-30; connecting rod bearings at over 530,000 miles protected by Delo 400 ZFA SAE 10W-30; and a valve train operating smoothly after 480,000 miles thanks to Delo 400 XSP SAE 5W-30. You can see the results for yourself in a brief video showing the augmented reality experience. See how and why Delo lubricants deliver reliable parts protection, improved fuel efficiency and extended drain intervals over long distances under demanding conditions.


The video will also be featured in Chevron’s traveling Delo Truck, which makes stops at many of our distributor locations across the country and even in Canada. Check out where it’s heading next on the Delo Truck website.

James Booth
James Booth graduated from the University of Southampton (UK) with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and Ph.D. in Tribology. James began his career with Chevron 10 years ago in Chevron Oronite Technology, The Netherlands, and later moved to Richmond (Ca, USA), as a formulator within Automotive Engine Oil (AEO) Product Development team. He previously held the position of Americas region AEO Product Qualification Team Leader, and vice-Chair of the American Chemistry Council Product Approval Protocol Task Group. James is curently the Commercial Sector Manager supporting Chevron’s Delo brand and other related lubricants brands.

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