Peterbilt’s 1 millionth truck winner drives off with a million-mile supply of Delo®

How much Delo® heavy duty engine oil does it take to go a million miles? Truck owner-operator Rick McClerkin is about to find out.


On March 23rd at the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS), Rick was named the winner of Peterbilt’s SuperFan search and awarded the grand prize: the one millionth truck manufactured by Peterbilt since 1939. Chevron took part in the event as well and awarded Rick a million-mile supply of Delo diesel engine oil. (Delo is the factory-fill oil for Peterbilt trucks.)


Rick was one of 1,500 entrants in the competition and one of five finalists, all selected for sharing stories that reflected their passion for the Peterbilt brand. Rick’s passion extends to his collection of six classic Peterbilt trucks, along with the museum he founded and website he created to preserve and share the Peterbilt legacy. His father was a truck driver, and Rick recalls riding home in a brand new Peterbilt truck from the factory when he was just five years old. He even threw a 75th anniversary party for the company in 2014.


Rick operates two working Peterbilt trucks in his business, hauling sand, gravel and cement for construction projects, and now has a third truck to take his business to the next level. The truck itself, a Peterbilt 567 Heritage, is equipped with a PACCAR MX-13 engine with a B-10 1,000,000-mile life expectancy before requiring an overhaul.


Choosing the winner was a challenge because all of the finalists had compelling stories. The four runners-up did not go away empty-handed, however. Each received $10,000 from the sponsors and a commemorative gift. Chevron followed up with a Delo jacket for each finalist. One even sent a thank-you note, saying, “Just being part of the contest for the 1,000,000 truck was an exciting experience… Even though I did not win the truck itself, I still walked out a winner.”

James Booth
About the Author: James Booth graduated from the University of Southampton (UK) with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and Ph.D. in Tribology. James began his career with Chevron 10 years ago in Chevron Oronite Technology, The Netherlands, and later moved to Richmond (Ca, USA), as a formulator within Automotive Engine Oil (AEO) Product Development team. He previously held the position of Americas region AEO Product Qualification Team Leader, and vice-Chair of the American Chemistry Council Product Approval Protocol Task Group. James is curently the Commercial Sector Manager supporting Chevron’s Delo brand and other related lubricants brands.

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