Boaters: Protect your investment and save your season

For much of the country, boating season is here. And the last thing a boat owner wants is a boat sitting in the repair shop. In an earlier post, we delved into common fuel-related engine problems and steps to avoid them. Here are a few tips for boat owners to help them get the best performance and maximum use from their boats.


  • Check periodically for the presence of water in the fuel tank, which could lead to phase separation. If water is indicated, the tank should be drained and cleaned.
  • Check the engine manufacturer’s specifications to be sure the gas tank is compatible with today’s 10% ethanol (E10) fuels. Older fiberglass tanks may not be compatible with ethanol.
  • Keep your fuel tank 95% full to limit air and condensation in the tank, which cause water droplets to form. Inspect your fuel system for leaks. Excessive water in the fuel is more likely to result from a breach of the fuel system than from the uptake of water. Finally, get out and use your fuel. Cycling old fuel out for new keeps it fresh throughout the season.


In addition, use a high-quality fuel system treatment solution with every tank fill-up. Techron® Protection Plus Marine Fuel System Treatment is specifically engineered to address critical engine issues under harsh conditions in fresh or salt water, including rust and corrosion, carbon deposits and fuel stability during storage.


Techron Marine is offered in three package sizes to accommodate the needs of different types of boaters, distributors, dealerships and marinas. Easily stored 4-oz. bottles are a convenient way for boaters to treat up to 40 gallons of fuel. Owners of larger boats or higher horsepower engines can treat up to 100 gallons of fuel with the 10-oz. bottle. And for the most active boating enthusiasts, Techron Marine is also offered in a value size 128-oz. bottle that treats 1,280 gallons of fuel. Use of Techron Protection Plus will not only protect your engine against fuel-related damage, but will also optimize power and performance by clearing away deposits that can cause rough idle, knocking and stalling.


Whether for recreation, family time, fishing, or cruising from port to port, time on the water is extremely valuable to the boating public. Together with some easy and common-sense engine care guidelines, Techron Protection Plus can deliver the protection and performance boaters need to maximize their boating enjoyment and protect their investment.


Happy boating!

Joe Defina
With nearly 30 years Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) experience, Joe DeFina brings diverse experience to the Techron business over the past 5 years, bolstered by a career of leadership roles in sales and marketing. Currently, the Fuel Additives Business Manager in the North America market, Joe has influenced the portfolio expansion of Techron bottled fuel additives into diesel applications, as well as non-automotive markets like recreational marine and powersports & small engines. His working approach is to immerse himself into the market and gain key insights from buyers, distributors, retailers and consumers, converting that value into market opportunities. Joe graduated from the University of Dayton with a B.S. in Marketing and an earned an MBA from Nichols College.