Clarity Hydraulic Oil AW

High performance environmentally sensitive hydraulic oil

Clarity Hydraulic Oil AW is a range of high performance hydraulic oils designed with premium base oil technology in combination with an advanced zinc-free ashless additive system. They offer robust oxidation stability, water separation, foam suppression with dependable wear, rust and corrosion protection to both mobile and stationary hydraulic vane, piston and gear-type pumps operating in industrial applications and in environmentally sensitive areas.

With a non-vegetable base oil and zinc-free formulation, the Clarity Hydraulic Oil AW range offers dependable long-life protection, with longer TOST (ASTM D943) oxidation stability test performance than conventional zinc-based formulations. It is well suited to applications where yellow metals are present in hydraulic systems.

Clarity Hydraulic Oil AW 100 is a shear-stable high VI hydraulic oil designed to improve equipment efficiency and increase the operating temperature range of this lubricant grade.
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